Plants occurring on the bog include sphagnum mosses, bog cottons, deergrass, crowberry, cross-leaved heath, bog asphodel and purple moorgrass. Bright coloured lichens are dotted throughout. Sundews, bladderworts and butterworts can be found amongst the wetter pools and flushes (seepage zones) of the bogland. In the somewhat drier moorland or heaths, ling heather dominates with fraochan or bilberry also occurring. Notable species include lesser twayblade, fir clubmoss, as well as cranberry and bog rosemary. The abundance of bog rosemary and cranberry, species usually associated with raised bog is of note, as they are seen as a floristic link between upland blanket bog and midland raised bogs. The presence of these species makes this site an important link in the east-west gradient of bogs in Ireland. Areas of upland grassland, wet grassland, broadleaved woodland and scrub add to the diversity of the site. Other interesting ‘micro-habitats’ are found amongst the gullies and gorges carved out by upland streams.

Bog plants:- Sphagnum moss, Bog cotton (eriophorum), cottongrasses (eriophorum spp), deer grass (scirpus respitosus or trichophorum germanicum), crowberry (empetrum nigrum), cross-leaved heath (Erica tetralix), bog asphodel (narthecium ossifragum), purple moorgrass (Molina caerula), cladonia lichens.
Sundews, bladderworts and butterworts are found amongst wetter pools and flushes.

Moorland and heath plants:- ling heather (calluna vulgaris), bilberry (vaccinium myrtillus), lesser twayblade (listera cordata), fir clubmoss (huperzia selago), cranberry (vaccinium oxycoccos), bog rosemary (Andromeda polifolia).

Devil's bit scabious Cross leaved heath

Bog asphodel